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Merry Christmas to You!

Just a little message to you to say thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to read my blog and stories.

Spanking is our thing, it is what brings us together in all its shapes and forms.

I am in bed, my wife in the shower, my presents are opened.

I hope you have a lovely day, and Santa has been, and maybe you might get To spank a bottom ‘Santa Suit Red’

Take care, stay safe…..enjoy your day.


Let the Punishment Suit the Crime – 1

This, like many of my posts, is a continuation of a story, this one…

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I have just walked in and found Kate masturbating with the school bell, whilst left alone in detention, as you will recall, I have just stood in shock and disbelief, as an excited Kate has orgasmed before me, unable to stop, and very vociferous.

“It’s no good trying to pull your school knickers up now young lady is it? They will be coming straight down for your punishment! I know I have just made you remove it from your person, but now…pick it up again, and stand there!” I pointed to a place on the carpet.

You see, an idea had shot into my mind, and rather a good one it was too.

She went to pick up the bell and then move into the spot I pointed at.

“Right then young lady! I am giving you twelve on each cheek with the plimsol, hold the bell out in front of you, every time it rings, we start again!”

‘Awwwwww, yes Mr Jones.”

She held the bell out before her as I walked to the punishment cupboard for my size fifteen plimsol, a huge beast of a thing, with the thickest, hardest rubber sole one could buy.

“That”s not good enough! Bend your knees more, push your bottom well out for your spanking, you naughty girl!”


“Owwwwww, owwwwww, owwwwwooooh”

“We start again!”

“Ohhhhh Mr Jones, please Sir, don’t start again! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!”



“We start again!”

Eventually she stayed still for twenty four continuous thwacks. I knew her arms must be killing her, but all the same I made her stay there for five minutes.

Then the next class came in, giggling at her predicament.

“Right, lower your arms, keep you skirt up and knickers down. You can walk to the secretaries office, tell her what you have done, and ask her for a detailed letter of your crime and punishment, which you can take home to your parents, and bring back duly signed tomorrow!!!!”

‘Sniff….sniff….yes Mr Jones.’


I will post a few pictures of her at home next time!


Maid Training ~ Part 12

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The following day was wood polishing day, Mistress loved the smell of a good wax polish. The luxurious sofa had wooden finials at the corners, which Kate had often thought looked like the throbbing tips of cocks with drawn back foreskins!

Now we know from past experience that Kate takes risks, but this time she really pushed the boundaries of daring! Her Mistress was baking, something she is especially good at, so quite naturally the naughty maid thought she would be alone.

It wasn’t long before she was fondling it and thinking of giving one a blow job as she fingered herself.

Soon however, she thought of a better idea…fucking it! She gave it a really good polish to make it smooth and slippery, and then decided to mount it.

Luck is rarely on Kate’s side, and just as she felt lovely and slippery, ready to slide down and fill herself, in came Mistress!

“What on earth?!?! Good Lord, you are fucking my sofa! Get off it, I don’t want your juices dribbling all over my sofa! And wipe it…polish it…quickly you dirty little girl!”

“But it never went up my bottom or pussy Miss, honest!”

“Bloody hell! You were thinking of having anal sex with it too? Polish it and then bend over the back of it, you are getting two dozen of the cane! On the bare, you dirty bitch!”

‘Awwww, yes Mistress!’

More to come!


The Visit ~ Part Ten

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I deal in antiques, and at one auction I went to for stock, had a ‘must have’ item. It was a Victorian Women’s Prison Bed, from Pimlico, London. I ended up paying £400 for it!

But in the talk, the man showed its various settings, one which was for birching. How could I resist? The thought of Victorian prostitutes, pick pockets, thieves etc bending over it to bare their bottom for a birching, appealed to me.

Kate asked about it, and wanted to try it, here she is…

Kate was very subdued, thinking of the hopeless situation of the unfortunate girls. But she just needed to feel what it was like. Straps and tawses were used in the prison, and after looking at pictures of the heavy stiff Prison Straps, we picked this one.

Of course, they would not have had the luxury of cushions, but Kate was scared of getting her pubic hair trapped.

I must say it presents a bottom well, the spaces underneath were for long leathers straps to go around waist and thighs, I think the arms were held straight out forward, probably strapped by leather and held by the matron.

Kate asked all sorts of questions, she was excited and was thrusting into the cushion quite quickly as I told her how before a punishment girls were stripped naked and hosed, often having their hair cut. Then wearing a simple shift they would go over.

I could not resist taking a photo of her bottom bobbing up and town to orgasm, which she was experiencing in this next photo, to lovely noises.

A fabulous sight, she went ever so fast at the end. Here she is post orgasm, relaxing.

She was biting the tawse as she came! Look how flushed she is! A very naughty energetic girl is our Kate…

Update 17…Vintage

I have found some lovely stuff for you recently.

If you go to my Vintage Domestic Part 3….

You will find some lovely old birching and spanking photos, three in this set and a few more others added.

Also our dear favourites, the BORS Girls never let us down with bondage do they, here is a lovely set of a young ‘Yve Richards’

Ten new ones just added today at…

I keep finding them and have lots more to add, so keep in touch.


Friends Bring a Book – Part 7

You can read the rest of this story here, the story title is actually ‘The Welcome Home’ so don’t think you gave gone to the wrong one. This is a part of the second part, which you will get to at the end…

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After Charlotte’s second spanking of the day, over the edge of the bath, it was Samantha who wanted her second spanking. So Kate sat on the edge of the bed, and duly obliged as Charlotte sexily looked on…

More to follow, keep looking!


Parent’s Evening

Imagine a girl’s school in the early sixties which is run very strictly, and on parent’s evening allows parents to spank naughty children if they wish. Within earshot and sight of other parents or inquisitive ‘good girls’.

Click here, so far it is only a short story, but there again, I have only covered one parent’s evening! So expect it to grow…

Asa’s note

Hopefully mor, various parents no girls

Parent’s Evening – Part Two

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…Mummy then read more of the report and notes from various teachers, describing truancy and other crimes.

“My word young lady, it is worse than I feared, I am using some of these on your bottom, get back here!” She shouted as she viewed the implements left in every room.

The good girls could hear every smack, and every telling off from the Mummy’s or Daddy’s in the punishment rooms. And how they loved it. Teachers did nothing to stop them listening, or even take a peek at what happens to naughty girls.

In the hall, tea, cake, and buns were consumed, served by prefects, and drifting in came the noise of spankings….bare bottoms being whacked without mercy, struggles, squeals, smacks and screams!

Parents actually encouraged their good well behaved daughters to go and see, every door was left wide open for viewing. Mummy’s and Daddy’s were happy for examples to be seen. And the Mummy’s and Daddy’s of the naughty girls, feeling angry and embarrassed, we’re happy to illustrate what happens to the bare, very red, wriggling, sore, naughty bottoms!

It was a spanking spectacular of magnificent proportions!

Just imagine that…A school corridor, typically 1960’s. Half tiled walls, green or earthenware brown. Cream paint. Old yellow dim electric lights hung on long chains. Faux marble floors, mottled black on ‘off white’. Oak stained doors with polished brass handles and push plates. All open, secured on black stout hooks. All the rooms full of naughty girls getting spanked, hard and long, on the bare, with straps. Some being pulled in by the ear, knickers being pulled down by irate parents, mainly mummies. Some being dragged out, knickers at the ankles, red sore bottoms, crying and begging not to be put on show at the doors.

And all the time, good girls were pointing and giggling at the plight of the naughty ones.

Spanking heaven!