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Three Naughty Sisters – Part Three

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“Right, now put your hands between your knees and bend your knees too.” Said Mummy sternly.

She began to lift their dresses up over their waists, starting with Stephanie, then Charlotte.

She moved on to Samantha. “Really! I can’t leave you three for five minutes can I? How many times have I spanked you now? It must be hundreds! Now you are getting older, don’t think they will stop, oh no! It will be the opposite, they will be longer and harder, you naughty girls!”

She said this as she yanked down Samantha’s thong, quite sharply!

Then she made her way along the delightful row of pretty bottoms, baring each one in turn for another jolly good spanking each!

The three naughty sisters got their bare bottom spankings as promised!

…. As Mummy began to smack, they heard the gate and whistling. It was the postman, Robin. He heard the smacking and squeals and peered through the window.

This is the delightful view he got as he stood to watch. “Yes! That’s the postman you can hear! And if he sees your naughty bare bottoms getting spanked, it just serves you right!”

“Owwwww, no not before Robin, please no!” SMACK!

“Yeeeowww, no Mummy no, don’t let Robin see our bare bottoms!” WHACK!

“Ooooooh, please Mummy, wait until Robin has gone!” THWACK!

“No! I won’t wait!! He is stood here now! Stay there Robin, you watch these naughty girls get their bottoms spanked! It serves them right!”

Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack! Mummy worked her way up and down the line!

“Owww, Oooh, ohhh, yew, ouch, ooooh!” Squealed the embarrassed girls.

This is what Robin saw…

And Robin stood there as Mummy said, he watched as Mummy went up and down the line. The girls kept looking over their shoulders…”Mummy stop stop stop! He is watching…stop!”

“You thought I was joking did you? Well no! This will teach you! Stay there Robin, I will keep spanking these naughty bottoms for you to see, you stand there as long as you like!”

The curved path up from the gate was private, nobody could see him, so he undid his belt, and zip, and let his trousers fall to his ankles, closely followed by his pillar box red, boxer shorts. He rested with one arm on the window ledge, and pumping his rock hard cock through his clenched fist he rammed his way to an orgasm, watching those bottoms wiggle, and the smacks land, as he listened to their cries.

Postman Robin fucked his hand faster and faster, his bare bottom bobbing away in the lovely cool air. His large purple head glistened in the light as it popped through his gripping hand quicker and quicker. Then a huge steaming load of spunk squirted out..once, twice and a magnificent third time, high up on to the window. He groaned, mummy turned and looked as she saw the spunk sliding and steaming down the window. She smiled, and understood. What man wouldn’t have?

She mouthed the words, “it’s okay, leave it.”

Robin stood shuddering, the act of being caught made him shoot again, even higher. Mummy’s eyes widened.

He got a tissue from his shirt pocket and wiped his throbbing manhood, pulled up his boxers and trousers and left…whistling.

“Now let that be a lesson to you. I have got some windows to clean, and I don’t want to hear a sound, get upstairs.”

They ran down the hall to the stairs, just as Robin walked by. They squealed, and he smiled.

Mummy filled a bucked, then walked to the window slowly. Then with her hand busy in her knickers watching the spunk run down the window pane she fingered her wet cunt. Soon her knickers tumbled to her ankles, and her skirt was above her waist, and she stood with her legs apart, her bottom bobbing back and forth as Robin’s had…until she came too.

More spankings to come, see you soon! Did you join in anyone? I hope so!


“Stay With Me”…

Hello my little dewdrops, nice to see you again, dew drop in often won’t you?

Remember ‘Shakespeare’s Sister’, and that song? I have always liked it, it is on my playlist. I found these and thought they matched up a bit…


Photograph of Woman in Bondage, 1920s

If this world is wearing thin
And you’re thinking of escape
I’ll go anywhere with you
Just wrap me up in chains
But if you try to go alone
Don’t think I’ll understand

Stay with me, stay with me

In the silence of your room
In the darkness of your dreams
You must only think of me
There can be no in between
When your pride is on the floor
I’ll make you beg for more

Stay with me, stay with me

You’d better hope and pray
That you’ll make it safe
Back to your own world
You’d better hope and pray
That you’ll wake one day
In your own world

Cause when you sleep at night
They don’t hear you cries in your own world
Only time will tell if you can break the spell
Back in your own world

Stay with me, stay with me
Stay with me, stay with me [repeats]

If you haven’t heard it, try it, a nice video too. It is just called ‘Stay’.


“I’ll stay, if you act like my dirty little bitch whenever I want and let me punish that bottom with whatever I like, how I like, when I like. And call me Sir, and Master.”

‘yes…I will Master, just stay, let me have Asa Jones all to myself, forever.’

“Oh go on then! Stay there, I am just going for a cane.”

‘yes Sir.’


Tunnel Number Two – Door One

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Somehow when you awoke the next day, things felt different. You showered and ate breakfast served via the hatch as before. However, there was distant chanting, religious chanting, quite beautiful. Yet as beautiful as it was it felt threatening, and aimed at you. You were feeling alone, almost a prisoner, yet…you liked it, a lot.

After a lovely hot shower, and a range of toiletries wider than you had ever seen, you came back into your room. The serving hatch was closed, the door locked, and the trapdoor as always lifted. You were eager to see today’s attire, if any! And what implement you were to use. There was no implement, just a simple nun’s habit, no underwear, and black suede chunky high heeled shoes.

You sensed movement below, the chanting began again. You put on the habit and shoes, and climbed down the ladder. At the bottom you stood in shock, tunnel one was in darkness, but next to it, tunnel two was open. And stood on each side were singing nuns, with candles.

What must be the Abbess, beckoned you to follow her, and you did, what choice had you?

It became a little sinister, as you walked in between each pair of singing nuns, they blew out their candles, darkness followed you, and each one stopped singing. Silence followed you too. By the time you reached the first door, which was open, the Abbess alone was singing, beautifully. It echoed down the tunnel. You went into the room to where the Abbess pointed. The door closed behind you, and locked, through the grill you saw the light vanish. You had never felt so alone, or nervous.

You sensed movement.

As your eyes adjusted, you saw a chair and instinctively walked to it.

A deep voice full of age and authority spoke. Go to the chair, put one leg on it, and lift up your habit, to reveal your bottom. It was obviously no good doing any other than follow the commanding voice. And…to be honest, you wanted to obey. A dim light grew slightly brighter, just enough to enable you to see a tall strong man. You did as you were told, willingly.

You stood provocatively, you couldn’t help yourself. You wanted your bottom to look good for him, you were wet, very wet.

“Kneel on the chair, bottom towards me.” Said the deep strong voice.

You sensed movement again, and smelled the smell of manhood. He had taken it out, was he going to fuck you? Then you heard a slow rhythmic movement. He was wanking!

He stepped towards you, still obviously wanking slowly, and began to spank your bottom with a strap. “Count them, call me Sir.”


“Ahhhhhh, one Sir, thank you Sir.”

Why did you say thank you, you wondered.


“Ahhh, two Sir, thank you Sir.” You realised then that you needed this so very much, and that was why you were saying thank you.

It hurt like crazy, but you could not help pushing out for more. He changed implement and quickened the pace with both his wanking and beating.

He grunted as he shot his load of warm milky spunk all over the floor beside you. “Take the chair, leave it outside, by the door.”

He left, the Abbess came in, not singing, and led you back to the ladder, you were stiff and your bottom on fire. You climbed the ladder, the trapdoor closed and bolted. You lay on the bed, and felt the welts criss crossing your cheeks, and fingered yourself hard, to a multitude of orgasms.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring for you?


The Friday Night Masturbation Club – Part 1

Four girls have grown fond of each other at school. Not ever so naughty girls, but not good girls either, they have all had a spanking or two.

Miss Black, a young Headmistress is on a fast track to stardom, her school is run like clock work, and the key to its success is discipline. She rules with the rod. The local Education Board have an eye on her, before she took over, the school was shambolic.

And there you have it, the two sides of the story, in the blue corner, ladieeeees and gentleman…we have Miss Black. And in the very red corner ladieeees and gentlemen, the Friday Afternoon Masturbation Club.

Don’t hold out for a red corner victory!


On Friday afternoons after school, the gates open to clubs and societies. Charlotte, the leader of the pack, walked down with her Mummy once to show her the way to her room for drawing classes. An idea struck her.

To cut a long story short, masturbation together, in their group was their favourite pastime, but doing it at each other’s houses with Mummies, brothers and sisters around was not relaxed enough. But if each one of them, that’s Amber, Fae, Sapphire and Charlotte, each told their Mummy’s they were at each other’s house….what could go wrong? All they needed was a space.

So, after school, every Friday, the girls met, in a little used store room. The three terms since they had found the room, had gone well, not once had they even remotely been likely to be disturbed…until today.

You see, it was the local history groups big night. A local celebrity who appears on t.v. quite regularly was coming to give a talk on ‘Bronze Age Burial Mounds’. He was the husband of an ‘old girl’ who presented the show with him. A good number of years ago the school’s reputation was almost what it is now, and they produced a few persons of note. They had asked Miss Black to introduce them. She was not keen to stay and listen, but there was no need, she didn’t have to stay after the introduction she had been told. But he was rather dishy and she would like to meet him. It wasn’t starting until 6.30 p.m. But rather than go home, she thought she would stay and do some catching up on work.

At 4.00, she was in her office.

At 3.45, the girls had met in their room. Three rooms away from where the ‘Local History Group’ meets. But of course, the girls would have gone by then.

Fae was there first, and amused herself by drawing on an old blackboard. A drawing depicting the bottom of Miss Black.

Next to come along was Charlotte, who saw that Fae was sat with an interesting book for them to look at.

She was amused by the drawing, and very interested in the book, by Alexandre Dupuoy. A book full of vintage style porn and spanking photographs.

Soon the other members of the ‘Friday Night Masturbation Club’ joined them. The same routine was followed, first the drawing, then the book.

Charlotte as always, and by mutual consent, took over. She had a very naughty way with words and could easily enhance any naughty photo with her vivid descriptions.

She turned each page slowly, and described everything in a very rude way. The girls began to shuffle as their pussies began to twitch.

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Red Charls

Robin, my spanking researcher led me to this remarkable French Photographer. My knowledge of the French written word is not good, in fact I would say it is quite bad, by some miracle I have managed to contact him, asking if I can use his work. He said…”Oui!”

Here are some samples, but you will find more of his work in my tunnel story….eventually. He will be tunnel number 2.

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In the mean time, here are a few samples of his stunning work…



Robin’s rack of canes

Here is another lovely piece of erotic research from our man Robin. As you know he is a very talented wood carver of the erotic spanking pose…

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You will find his section here…

The walking stick, a great accessory for any man who likes to walk, especially if like me, one is not so young any more. It enables us to do other things…like point, or draw in the earth to aid discussion, and to rest.

But there is something else, it is rather nice to fondle. When sat just looking at the world my thumb often rubs gently over the end.

Another thing is the patina, my stick has a lively sheen from years of walking.

I went to an old English house once, Capesthorne Hall, with a rather sexy young lady who liked a spanking. We came across a rack of canes, and she asked me, ‘which would you use on my bottom first Sir’

So use your imagination, let’s imagine you live in such a hall, in Edwardian Britain, a maid is bent over, in the punishment room, skirts up, bloomers draped open, and a fine rump on show. Twitching and nervously trembling.

Waiting for a dozen of the best…

You walk to your carved rack, (I am sure you can dream up a design in your mind) and choose from these.

Unfortunately the one I would have chosen has not managed to copy and paste.

No problem, the choice here is quite adequate, and in my mind that particular stick is my own!

Now cast your mind back to what I said earlier…about fondling. Look at the top picture, someone has spent a few hours rubbing their thumb over that!


Updates….’Little Town of Spankington’ and my black and white spanking classics


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Happy Easter!


Cambridge University ~ Bottom of the Year Competition!

This was in the English National Press…

UNDIE GRADS ‘Cheeky’ Cambridge uni students strip naked and pose at city’s landmarks for raunchy ‘best bum’ competition
Shay Bahkt
25 Nov 2020, 15:05Updated: 25 Nov 2020, 20:32
STUDENTS at the University of Cambridge are stripping naked to prove they’ve got the best bum on campus for a raunchy competition.

The Tab, a student newspaper, is running its annual Best Bum contest in the spirit of “body positivity” and now young adults are baring their backsides all over Cambridge grounds for a chance to win.


When you think about it, us female bottom lovers are very lucky, aren’t we? We can publicly enjoy our lusty desires quite legally! Even pages on Tumblr, (who famously cleaned up their act a couple of years ago), and where I post now instead of Twitter, allow bare bottom pictures, even being spanked and caned. T.V. Programmes show them quite happily, and even on holiday, the thonged bikini bottom displays all. And even in the coldest dark days of the year, we see bottoms in tight jeans or leather wiggling everywhere!

Thank God!

And now, here in the U.K. for a few years now, local bare bottom competitions are spreading in Universities! Cambridge University have run them, and now Oxford, and Bristol Universities too.

Real naughty girls, baring all in secret, yet in public places! Let’s hope it grows into a world wide phenomenon!


Surely it is only a matter of time before they are bending over to bare their bottom in spiking poses! Woo hoo!

So, because they started it, let’s look at some of the recent entries. Last year this girl won, and here is how one of our National Newspapers,’The Daly Mail’ announced it….

Rear of the year! Woman posing nude outside prestigious museum at sunset is crowned winner of ‘Best Bum 2020’ contest after dozens of University of Cambridge students stripped down
History student named Athena has been crowned competition’s winner for 2020
Her striking picture caught the ‘golden hour’ outside The Fitzwilliam museum
Cambridge students stripped butt naked for The Tab’s ‘Best Bum’ contest
Contenders have creatively posed at locations including the Bridge of Sighs

Good old Cambride University I say! Let’s hear three cheers for the naughty students! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

And here are some more naughty, naked, Cambridge girls, from all over the city…

Starting with my favourite, and the winner of ‘Asa Jones Cambridge University Girls Bare Spankable Bottom of the Year Award’…

And some more…

My conclusion…

In this ‘Woke’ world, how refreshing it is to see slightly, naughty, risque girls doing something so deliciously cheeky. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

“However, you have all been rather naughty young ladies! You ought to all come to my studio for a spanking, then bend over in a row, in my school for a blushing bottom photo!”

Thank you once again to my friend Robin, for alerting me to this.