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The Pillory ~ Part One

A bit of a strange thing happened the other day. I do not tolerate infighting between the girls, many of my photographer friends are in awe of me for managing to keep a team of models so happy and friendly towards each other.

I have simple rules, ’cause trouble and you get a real spanking before the other, or others involved, an you miss the next shoot’.


As you know, my studio is spread around a large old industrial mill, the classroom and prop store are right at the top, and I slowly trudged up the stairs….this getting old business is a bit of a bugger you know. Who am I kidding, forget the getting bit, being old and decrepit is a bit of a bugger you know! If only I had the ground floor.

As I reached the blue double door I heard shouting, it was Suzette! “What the hell?” I thought. She is supposed to be the Emporium’s House Submissive, and must do as everyone tells her, like it or not, or be punished.

I stood the other side of the door, listening.

“The Reverend made it for me, not you!” She was actually stamping her foot in a naughty silly little girl fashion. She went on and on…”It was my present! He measure me up for it! And what happens? I look on Mr.Jones site an there you are with you fat arse stuck out of it!”

I thought I would let her dig a bigger hole, so stood a while. Listening.

She, as always, looking a million dollars in her designer ware, was giving Kate a bollocking of biblical proportions! All over a beautiful Pillory, made by one of my main followers and close friend, the Reverend J. A vicar with a penchant for the female bare bottom.

It was made for the studio, as a way of a thank you from him, for being able to use it when I am not there. He did measure Suzette, but it was not just for her!!

She went on and on, her voice getting louder and louder. She is such a warm person, caring, but she was jealous and getting more than a little spiteful. “Oh we know you are a favourite and get loads of comments on your bottom, well….I’ll tell you what young lady, stick your head in here, I’ll show you whose Pillory it is!!”

Good Lord, she was going to punish Kate. Kate as you know, is submissive too. My manhood went quite hard as I listened, listening to a spanking behind a closed door is quite arousing!

I heard Kate make her way to the apparatus, meekly. I have to confess, that my hand was by now wrapped around my manhood and slowly stroking. I could picture the scene clearly.

The Mill is a big building with lots of corridors, and you can hear people echoing their approach. Standing there in the quiet, masturbating was very erotic as I listened. I overheard her say that she was going to bare her bottom.

I have spanked Kate thousands of times, but to listen like this was amazing.

The sound of Suzette describing her actions and Kate going ‘ooooh errr.’ Was so damn sexy!

My grip tightened, the stroke length grew, and speed increased.

More to come…


In Threes – Number 23 – Eliot’s Public Detention – Part 2

More of my black and white work.

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“Right then young lady!” Boomed Mr.Birch the Headmaster as he held out his hand. “Lets get you over my knee and get this done shall we?”

Charlotte began to sniffle…..”oooooh Mr Birch, please….don’t!”

He sat down and drew her towards her. “Now now, let’s not get silly. You have been exceedingly naughty, I am sure you thought of the risk at some stage. If not, then you are a very silly young girl. You have been caught, I will not be swayed by stupid excuses, tears, or resistance. YOU ARE GETTING A SPANKING!”

Charlotte’s web site experience was a two way thing, and a cheer and laughter was heard quite easily, just how many were watching she wondered.

“Come around here please.”

Charlotte did as she was told.

The ferocious look on his face, made sure she did exactly as she was told.

more to come…


Samantha’s Apron Day ~ Part 17

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“How hard and for how long can we spank you?” Asked Stuart.

Mr.Gibson and Fishmeister both agreed it was a very good question.

Samantha took a deep breath, “Well…..” She said. Took another big breath and continued. “Its up to you, I am in no rush, but if you are, give me a reasonably hard spanking, say 30 smacks? Then put me in corner time and go, but…..My favourite would be lots of little spankings all over the house in different rooms and positions…..its up to you really.”

They agreed on the latter and Stuart gave her five crisp spanks on each cheek and told her to stand by the stairs.

Samantha was delighted, it was, in her opinion, ‘just right’.

Samantha always enjoys a spanking, (I know, from personal experiences with her) …but she loves all aspects, posing in positions and corner time etc being her favourites. So they chatted, about each others needs. Samantha chatted away in her apron, making a lovely sight, The three men agreed that she should keep it on.

Stuart told her to face the wall, which she did. And it was then that he noticed something quite erotically exotic.

“Oh my word, your bottom has white hand marks on it, it has not gone red yet.” Stuart commented.

The other two men joined him for close inspection.

This is something I have notice, many times. My hand marks stay for ages, then as if by magic, her bottom goes all aglow. Stuart spanked her at the table, facing from her head towards he bottom, first one side, then the other.

Here is a colour bonus….I hope you can see why I call her my exotic spankee!

Lovely, don’t you agree? When her cheeks go red, the hand prints stay white for a while, then….the glow sets in.

More to come…


In Three’s – Number 21 – The Visitor ~ Part Two

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A Black and White Set/Story continues.



She turned to look at me, almost as if she thought I was challenging her to. So I said, “You will get to trust me, I am not expecting you to do anything, and I am certainly not testing you. I would not do that, I am a gentleman. My thinking was that it would be a shame if you left, wishing you had bent over it, and maybe bared your bottom, that’s all. And in any case, if you did think that, there is always next time.”

Her eyes widened at the thought of next time, and the continuity that the phrase brings to mind. “I trust you already.” she smiled.

“Why, thank you my dear. That is lovely to hear you say.” I smiled back.

She began to bend over. Of course, I knew she would.

I am no mind reader, but experience teaches you things. They all do it, act like the are the most daring visitor of all and think that their bravery shocks me.

So to satisfy her need of being thought of as racy, I exclaimed a little shock when she reached up to pull her knickers down.

How triumphant she looked…bless her.

I thought…”Hmmm, it will not be long before you are bent over getting your bare bottom punished wriggling and screaming like a young school girl, loving every second, not wanting it to end, and hoping for more strokes.”

Of course I said something completely different. “Oh my, how bold you are. I can see that I have a real naughty girl visiting me today.”

“Oh you have, maybe I might be the one that you find too hard to put in their place.” She giggled.

“Maybe so. I am bound to meet my match one day.” I said with a warm friendly smile. But once again I thought something very different….. “As if that will ever happen, and when you shout your safe word, I will give you one more my dear…because you will be crying out for it. And you will deserve it.”

more to come…



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Asa’s Note…

As you know, I am trying to cover this series with my own photos. Some are not taken yet, but my friend Stuart is going to pose with the girls for similar….not exact….photos. (my versions)

A straightforward strapping — or is that all there is to it? There is nothing particularly straightforward about a leather-topped bench across which a girl can be bent, with her bottom at just the right height for the strap to curl neatly round its cheeks. Can we surmise that this bottom-smacking gentleman actually enjoys having to discipline the girls — or are they really so naughty and so often deserving of punishment that a strapping bench is the only logical answer? Certainly he is performing his duty with gusto.

As for the girl, she’s certainly pretty enough. Could it be that her very prettiness is actually the reason for her punishment. Could it be that the teacher has had his eye on this girl, or on her bottom at least, and has now seized on the opportunity of slight digression from the rules to put her across that functional bench and pull her pants down.

Whatever the story behind this picture, it is dramatic and thought-provoking, and as such it has to be considered a successful illustration.

Asa’s Note…

The nearest I have to this are without a teacher, hence me employing my friend. But these put a photographic interpretation for you, taken from my ‘Fine Art America’ site…

The next ‘Roue’ illustration is…

This illustration, though sparsely endowed with incident, is nonetheless a poignant depiction of the indignities to which full-grown girls at this particular school are subjected — all in the course of ‘education’, of course.

That it is a clergyman who is about to administer the correction may make the forthcoming ordeal just about bearable for this young lady, though the thoughtful smile on his face which the schoolgirl can’t yet see tends to belie the idea that this is to be a punishment simply for the sake of maintaining discipline.

As for the girl herself, with her prefect’s piping on her blazer, her stockings, and her very shapely hips and legs, the prospect of a strapping or a caning must be doubly distressing, because without doubt she is old enough to have left school several years ago, were it not for the insistence of her parents that she should stay on for, perhaps, ‘A’ level examinations. Next term she will be at work, or possibly at university, but this term she is subject to the same rules as all the other girls in her school, even the first-formers. When the Headmaster says ‘Knickers down my girl,’ that’s just what she has to do. And she’ll cry no less for being eighteen years old. A girl’s naked bottom is a tender object at any age.

Asa’s Note…

As before, here are a few complimentary photos of mine to suit the mood…

More to come


In Threes – Number 16 -Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls ~ Volume Six – Maid Training ~ Part 12a

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Although very strict, and harsh, Mistress Kenworthy knew that Kate got a great deal out of her punishments, and having seen Kate pumping away, hard, on the banister rail,as she caned her, she let her reach a loud and noisy orgasm.

“Right, off you get, you dirty naughty little bitch, Now carry on with your duties, you are not getting out of my sight today, so I think, by the way you have started, that you will end up with the sorest bare bottom you have ever had!”

Kate, with trembling legs and a pulsating pussy, removed her sticky lips from the banister rail and stood to listen…

She bent over, picking little bits of fluff up from the stair carpet, offering her Mistress a delightful view of her striped bare bottom, as she made her way up to the landing.

But poor Kate, she forgot a golden rule.

RULE NUMBER 1453 – part 18 – sub section 26, read…

‘Shoes, or footwear of any kind, are not allowed upstairs.’

She made her way up to the landing, her Mistress waiting for her feet to touch the top step. And when she did….


She twirled the unfortunate naughty maid around, and grabbed her by the ear.

Kate, who was in a daze, was pushed against the railing, bent over, and got another three strokes of the cane on her already red, striped painful cheeks!

“Now take those shoes off young lady, and pass one to me!”

more to come….

Your colour bonus this week is…

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Delivered in Three’s – Number Five – Charlotte in Wonderland – Part 33

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Princess Spanky’s beautiful long lasting torment came to an end, as the Governess of Spanking Dreams moved her soft gentle finger tips to the sopping wet lips of her pet’s pussy, and rubbed.

and rubbed…

Princess Spanky was in the deep rooted throws of an orgasm when her Mistress asked her final question of their session. “Would you like me to lick our pussy out now?”

I think you know the answer…

Only one more part to come.