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Alan Mac Clyde, Maurice Rénard and the arrival of ‘Pony Girls’

Although this man is being grouped under my spanking artist section, see here…


…he is not actually an artist. Although some have said he was, and he probably did some. But he is here for the colossal amount of spanking art he was responsible for being created.

Clyde is the pseudonym of two different French authors of pornographic novels, the first active in the 1930s, the second in the 1950s.

Alan Mac Clyde, Edith Kindler, Joan Spanking and Jean de La Beuque fils are pseudonyms for the author of several pornographic novels published in the 1930s by the Librairie Générale (84, Boulevard Diderot, Paris) and Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne Rèunies, imprints of Paul Brenet, a publisher specializing in flagellation and BDSM works.

Robert Mérodack has suggested that behind this pseudonym is hidden Maurice Renard (1875–1939) French author of several science fiction novels among which were Le Docteur Lerne, sous-dieu, Le Péril bleu and Les Mains d’Orlac. His argument is based on a passage of La Reine cravache where Edith Kindler wrote «taxées de fantaisistes que certain auteur français de grand talent accorde à son héros le docteur Lerne, qu’il qualifie de sous dieu.

Alan Mac Clyde or Alan McClyde is the name used in the 1950s by the Paris-publishers of some English-language erotica: Patrick Garnot of Pall Mall Press and Bronislaw Kaminsky, aka Bruno Durocher, of Week End Books both located in 5, rue Git-le-Cœur, Paris.

Here is some of his (their) work. Carlo, see here…

…was one of the main artist. As usual, lots of girls in Achilles heel boots and black very tight waisted corsets abound. But look, you can see the arrival of girls as pets. Especially submissive girl pets for Dominant girls…


As you can see, their branch of writing is very much spanking related, but also leaning much more to the B.D.S.M. side of our beloved, erotic interest.

This is only a sprinkling of the work under their names, and I am sure you will find much more if you search. However, I think I have put enough examples to illustrate that the modern version of the Pony Girl, has her roots in these names. Not that they invented it, it has always been around, as these illustrations show…

However, it seems it was a submissive male/Dominant Female thing in the early days, but as we move through the eras, it seems that submissive female/Dominant Female took over (woo hoo!….pleased about that!) and in more modern times Dominant Male/submissive female too….although there is a mix of it all, as you will see.

Through Victorian times…(I love this typically English, rather posh one!)…

“Now trot nicely you naughty girls or I shall remove your bloomers and thrash your bottoms!”

To the Music Halls, I must include this in ‘The Inveigle’ story!

I remember schoolgirls in the playground trotting around behind each other using their skipping ropes as reins, but these kids have taken it to another level! Some theatrical performance I suppose…but it shows how it is in our psyche.

Then on to the 1920’s and 1930’s, even the Ostra Studio joined in…there are some lovely Gifs to be found of pony girls in this era, this screen shot is from one I looked at, ….research of course!

And then on to more modern times, as these following ones illustrate…

Looks like they are going to bring a real horse out! But the site said it was very strict pony girl training! I will leave that to your mind to sort out!
I can see the appeal!
…me sat in a little cart as Charlotte and Samantha trot before me!
Me with a little whip, cracking away! “Faster girls! Knees higher! Wiggle more!”

Traditional ones too…

And back to a 1930’s one. Not changed so much have they? So…

Keep an eye out in the woods! And, if you hear a clip clop clip outside, have a look, it might just be me and my girls trotting by…

“Crack! Crack! Giddy up girls! No slacking!” I shout as we gallop by!

“Owwwwww, yes Mr Jones!”

“Oooooooohhh, yes Mr.Jones!”

And there I go, in a cloud of dust…

See you soon!



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Carlo (born c. 1910, †) was a French spanking artist and illustrator of many spanking and BDSM novels in the 1930s.

A great deal of his work was for Alan Mac Clyde

Most of Carlo’s art is woman spanking art (F/F, M/F and /F). The ladies in Carlo’s art almost always wear Stiletto heels, typical of BDSM/shoe fetishism, and also often tightlaced corsets and/or stockings.

Carlo’s style was a precursor to that of John Willie.

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The Cutting Room Floor…

Another bawdy tale from Mr.Reece….

To see his page and more stories, click here…

His stories will now be on separate pages like this, with links from his page to them…


My friend Asa sometimes likes to use a venue
outside of his studio for one of his photo shoots.
A few years ago he decided to photograph three
of his lovely Ladies on a shopping trip in an Antique
shop. Nothing unusual in that, I hear you say.

Except, on this particular shopping trip they are shown
browsing for Spanking implements and they are all
totally NAKED!!!!

Oh, I see I have your interest now!
Of course it isn’t long before one of the Girls comes
across a traditional, crook handled, School Cane.
As Asa directs the shoot, the three naked Girls are
shown in various poses, trying out the Cane on each
others provocatively proffered Bottoms.

Mmmmmmm So far so good. A wonderful treat for
any lover of shapely Bottoms being Spanked.
Asa takes literally hundreds of photos during one
of these shoots and this one was no different.
However, like any photo shoot or film shoot, a
great deal of the material is not used in the final
production. There is a phrase used that any
unused material ends up on the ‘Cutting Room’
floor. This simply referred to the actual bits of celluloid
film that were cut out from the final reel of film.

Well, Asa’s ‘Naked Shopping Trip’ was no different and
a lot of the photos were never used for a variety of reasons.
I know that my friend Asa sometimes suggests scenarios to
his Girls that are just a bit of cheeky fun but never intended
to be published on his blog. Towards the end of the
‘Naked Shopping Trip’ shoot, Asa suggested to Katy that
she may like to pretend to pleasure him in a
certain way as a private finale to the days shoot.

Katy being the trooper that she is, readily agreed to this but also suggested
that she be portrayed as initially rather reluctant. So the story
evolved along the lines that Katy would have to be
‘coaxed’ a little into complying with this ‘pleasuring’!!.
I am sure, dear reader, that you will have a fair idea
of how the lovely Katy was ‘coaxed’.

Suffice to say……..
Enter stage left…. The School Cane!!!

The following photos are some of the ones that were
always intended to end up on the ‘Cutting Room’ floor.

Until now…. !!!

As Asa puts his naughty suggestion to the Girls , for
the final scene, he keeps his camera clicking. Katy’s
face is a mixture of
both trepidation and excitement as she
ponders the suggestion of ‘pleasuring’ the
photographer. Mistress Michelle’s face
takes on a stern expression as she realises what her
role will be and appears to relish the task of
‘persuading’ Katy to ‘perform’.

This photo shows the moment that Asa announces his
suggestion for the final scene……

When Mistress Michelle realises what is about to happen,
she quickly drops the Union Jack shopping bag
she is holding and runs to pick up the
School Cane, ready to put some stripes across Katy’s
lovely, rounded Bottom.

However, Charlene has similar intentions and beats Michelle
to the table and it is her that picks up the swishy Cane
and turns to speak to Asa…..

“No No No …… let me do it I’ll soon have her doing what
naughty Girls do behind the bike sheds!!”

Poor Katy soon finds herself bent over a small table
being ‘persuaded’ by Charlene to comply with Asa’s

As Asa watches the Cane make Katy’s rounded
Buttocks wobble in the most erotic way, he has to
reach down and adjust the front of his trousers.

In the meantime, Mistress Michelle watches but after
a while decides that Charlene’s efforts are just not good
enough and decides to take over.

“Here, give me that Cane. I know exactly how to make
a naughty Girl do as she is told!!!”

The strokes that Mistress Michelle lay on Katy’s bare bottom

…. are much more forceful than
the ones that Charlene dished out and although Katy
knows she is just roleplaying she decides that
her Bottom is sore enough and turns towards
Asa and nods her head. One last stroke across
her red Bottom makes her squeal and stamp
her feet as the sting of the flexible Cane scorches
her lovely Bottom.

“Yeeeeeeowwww …. OK, OK.. enough….
I’ll do it!!”

As Katy kneels down on the floor in front
of Asa and reaches for the zip of his flies, his camera
continues to click away…..
Alas, dear reader….. THOSE particular photos have to
remain forever on the ‘Cutting Room’ floor…….


Well Sir I hope you like the above and it is not too risqué!!!.
Knowing you, it might not be fiction at all and perhaps
Katy did indeed ‘stay behind’ for a little bit of
‘after hours’ shopping!!!!!

From Asa… it is not too risqué, it is just what I expect from you!

Thank you.

A Day at Home with Charlotte and Samantha – Part 4

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Their walk around the garden concluded with a little dead heading of some flowers.

It is at this point, not far in to the warm sultry day, that the girls minds begin to take them on trips of naughtiness, like masturbation, each other’s bottom appreciation, and spanking, which is never far from their minds.

So the photos carry on in three areas…


Part One…

Part Two…

Part Three…

INSIDE THE HOUSE (downstairs)

Part One

Part Two


Part Three


Part One …

Part Two…

Part Three…

Part Four…

So, follow me, let me be your fly on the wall, and let’s see what they get up to…


More spanking writing from Ma…’Pa’s spanking poem to Ma’

Pa composes an Appreciation of Ma

: Pa thought what a lucky chap (he was)
: To have Ma for a walloping wife
: She had everything a Pa could want
: A whacking arm, a broad bare acre and plump terrain
: She gives and receives without fear or favour
: To family, friends and Neighbours
: But woe betide that man or woman
: who crosses the line, by accident or design
: their cheeks will be roasted and not to say toasted
: When all is said and done and at the end of day
: Ma is a national treasure
: who gains great pleasure from whacking a Bare (it also keeps her sane)
: and why not? ‘Tis a form of public service
: Like Knights of Old with their Sword, Ma has her Board
: and thank God for her

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The Friday Night Masturbation Club – Part 10

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The next one of the naughty girls to have to go to the front of the class for a bare bottom spanking was Sapphire.

“Up you get Sapphire, out you come” said Miss Black.

Resigned to what was to come, she got up awkwardly, reluctantly and nervously. Then made her way embarrassingly to the ample lap of the ferocious Miss Black.

Miss Black was not messing about. Over she went, quite matter of factly. Skirt came up, knickers where whipped down and a hard long no nonsense spanking was administered. The force of the big heavy hand, the speed of the slaps, the quickly increasing relentless pain took Sapphire by surprise!

How she squealed and wriggled.

Despite their desperate situation, the watching girls could not help letting out the odd giggle. The fashionable long legged proud schoolgirl was just a blubbering mess before them screaming loudly, begging for Miss Black to stop!

A spanking brings every girl to the same level, even the school fashion icon, flashing her pussy, crying, squirming, snot hanging from her nose,

“Owewwwwww, ooooooh, stop stop, owwwwww my bottom my bottom, it huuuuurts, owwww yeeeeeeeowwwww!”

Charlotte squirmed as the hard gaze of Miss Black settled on her, she looked away, nervously waiting for the dreaded command…

More soon.