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My Tribute to Guile and Hobs

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It’s hard to decide which artwork to pay a tribute to first really, they are all excellent, but I have chosen this…

I do not intend these as a replica, it is my tribute. In other words this artwork has inspired me to do this with three of my girls. Charlotte, Kate and Stephanie.

A Little Scenario to fit the picture…

The three girls got their spelling tests wrong as in the picture. But amazingly, all the wrong spellings were exactly the same. Not simple errors like we all make, but some quite ridiculous. The chances of three girls coming up with twelve such ridiculous spellings in the same test is impossible.

So I am caning each one as they re-sit the test, if they get one wrong, they get a whack!

You join me just as Stephanie has had her last stroke across her bare bottom, sat in a similar manner to the drawing.

THWAAAACK! “0wwwwwwwww!”

“Now don’t you dare cheat in my tests again young lady! Now the Charlotte, it is your turn, swap places!”

She takes her place…

“Spell out loud, the word ‘Assimilate’

‘Erm….a…s…y..’ ……….THWAAAAAACK!

“Wrong! Try again!”

Eventually she gets her word correct, and squirms as the welts sink in deep.

I am certain that Kate, the naughtiest girl in school is to blame. She takes her seat…

“Right then Kate, spell polytetrafluoroethylene.”

The other girls giggle at her plight.



“Don’t try to be clever or silly! Try again!”

“Potty… telly…. Belly…”

THWAAAAAAAACK! ‘Yeeeeeeooooooooowwwww!’

Eventually, remarkably, she got it right.

She squirmed, trying to find a bit of her bottom not striped.

NOTE…my girls are brave, but in this story it would have taken 50 to 100 strokes to get that right. I gave them all six each to be fair.


“Now get up and face the wall, all of you!”

“Now in turn, starting with you Stephanie, say…’I am a silly naughty girl Mr Wall’ to the wall twenty times each!”


They were dying to rub their bottoms, but in real life I made them say it as they wiggled their soreness away! Then made them tea, and sat for a chat, …them on cushions!

Three Naughty Schoolgirls ~ Part 2

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The three naughty girls stood up and I said, firmly and quietly. “Make a line before me.” I pointed to the floor strictly. “Just here, come on, quickly now!”

The three nervous naughty pleasingly plump young bottoms came wiggling to where I pointed.

“That’s it, side” by side, you on the end Kate.”

“Stop shuffling about Kate, get on the end facing me! And you Stephanie, stop grinning! It’s a spanking you are all about to get, not a reward for good behaviour!”

“Smiling at me like butter would not melt will not make any difference. Stand with your backs straight, shoulders back!”

“Marginally better but stop squirming Kate! And damn well stop fiddling with the hem of your gym slip!”

‘Yes Mr Jones, sorry Sir.’ Replied a humble and subdued Kate.

“Stephanie, fasten that top button, smarten yourself up! Stop sulking Charlotte! And look at you Kate, never a more dishevelled mess of a sixth form school girl have I ever seen! No top button on your gym slip, your shirt collar not fastened! You are a disgrace, a mess! Now turn around and get your knickers down! All of you!”

Much more to come, look for updates…


An Unusual Female Masturbation

“Hello Charlotte, you look guilty, what are you up to?”

‘Errrrr, ummmmm, this!’

“Wow, a cock! What is it, a strap on? Have you got somebody coming to see you….er….. for something?” I ask.

“No, it is a vibrating one, the more I wank like a man, you know, faster and harder, the more it vibrates on my pussy.”

“Sorry, am I disturbing a private moment? I’ll leave you to it.”

“No, no, I’ve not started yet. You know how I have told you that you taking photos of me makes me horny?”


“Well, take some photos of me with it, and when I’m ready I’ll go for it and cum for you.”

“Sounds good to me!”

click……gentle buzzzzzzzzzzzzz

She pushes it against her, gets it in the right position and tightens the strap. Then stands up, and I start clicking…

IT was obviously divine, the gentle vibration exactly in the spot she wanted….and then she began to wank harder and faster…..”Oh fuck yessss….oh god….mmmmmmm!”

Gritting her teeth bar hand flew up and down the plastic slippery shaft in fury…..”!’m cummin, I’m cummin, I’mmmmm CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMINNNNNNNNG!”

She pushed it down hard into her groin and squealed on the top of her voice…”YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”


A Mystery Post!

I have loads of photos, that I just take as the girls get changed or are sat eating lunch naked, sat chatting etc….

They don’t mind, and if ever they did, I would not keep it. It’s all about trust. But they know it is what I do and often let out a little shriek or giggle at being caught with their knickers down etc…I love it!

I don’t file them, they are iggledy piggely stored all over the bloody place! I should have started this years ago, but I didn’t.

So better late than never as they say! I now have somewhere to store and display them. Here!

No particular order, I suspect there will be a part two to this, I have loads. I am not going to search for them, as I spot one I’ll pop it in here.

The day we were shooting on the railway….it was windy!

Naughty Charlotte! There were people on the train just pulling away!

Charlotte and Sarah knew they were to be spanked, tawsed, and caned in the shoot starting soon. I came and sat and said…are you ready?

I think this is what they call ‘nervous laughter’!

This is when I was shooting for wooden spoon spanking of Charlotte by her Mum, she was stood talking to Mum, and I looked up!

“Oi! I’m watching you Asa!”
‘Funny that! I am watching you too!’….CLICK
We were just setting up a shoot and Charlotte said..”…what? Like this?”


A little Christmas treat for me…

There are certain advantages in following Charlotte up the stairs during a shoot which uses different floors of my studio!

Here is Kate getting changed into a Victorian dress…

I had just shot one spanking set, and I left Samantha with a cup of tea as I prepared the next scene. I came back in to find her taking selfies…

If I had a body like that I would take them all the time.

One day I arrived to spank Charlotte and she was hanging her washing out…

Charlotte getting ready for a video where I spank her in the conservatory.

We have tea breaks! There is something special about tea and cake with a naughty school girl…

We are getting ready for a Victorian maid shoot, she is to masturbate with an antique dildo, she starts to laugh. “What’s up Charlotte?”

She giggles….”I have forgot to put my bloomers on!”

Sometimes you just want to see her bottom, it is soooooooo lovely!

So there I am shooting for a naughty schoolgirl set and more says…”Look Mr.Jones, I have got some brand new knickers…”

Here are a few photos of Charlotte and Samantha in between spanking shoots, letting their bottoms cool and pale, ready for the afternoons shoot…

Sometimes when I am writing a story, I like to give a little teaser, like these…

More to come, look out for updates to see when I put some in.


Kate’s Story – Part Five

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She removed the wet sticky hook of the cane from her pussy. “Don’t bother pulling your knickers up young lady! Put the cane in your mouth and follow me to my office!”

As you might imagine the long walk to my office was excruciatingly embarrassing for Kate, struggling to hide her bottom, hurrying to keep up, and a cane in her mouth. And all the time the other girls pointing and laughing at her predicament.

Eventually we arrived in my office.

I told her to walk over to the desk and bend over as I took a clean cane from my implement cupboard.

With the target of her creamy white pair of youthful buttocks trembling before me, I swished the cane through the air three times in practice and moved towards her. Only moments before the crook handle of a similar cane had been satisfying her slippery little hole, now it was the other end of the cane that she would feel…

Three Naughty Girls

This is another of my stories told in photo sets. In other words, just as much writing but more photographs.

Each part is here…

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Part Two…

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Part Five…

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Part Nine…

Asa’s Note

As always, more will be added as time goes by. Look for my updates…

This is this set completed, coming next, and the first shoot already being booked, is ‘Three More Naughty Girls’ or more, so many ideas?