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From the story…’Three Naughty Sisters’

I have just added the first scenario, (in three parts) to this story, click here to see…

The next part of the story sees Charlotte flick a taut rubber band onto the cheek of Stephanie’s bottom as she chats to Samantha.

You can read the story in the usual way. I hope to add it this week and next.

Here is a little taster to keep you going…

…I just want to say thank you to you all for your continued support and messages. I have made some lovely friends via my blog. My girls and I love entertaining you with our stories.


I asked my good friend and researcher if he would give an account of his spanking history…

I did not expect such a beautifully written account, read on…

But first, here is a link to his page on my blog, which is growing steadily…

My interest in spanking started at a very early age. I was rarely smacked as a child, although I can vividly remember one incident when my mother held me down over a kitchen stool, pulled my shorts and pants down, and whacked me with an old riding crop. God knows what I had done to deserve such treatment. I really cannot remember the deed, although I certainly remember the punishment! Most of the time I just received a few hand slaps across my bottom or a slap across the face….’a thick ear’. I think I got off lightly compared to my older sister. I think that she was regularly spanked as a younger child. Perhaps my parents found her more of a handful than me? In the 1950s disciplining children with a spanking was generally the norm and few people seemed to question such action then.

Like for many young children of that era, spanking seemed to permeate into childhood play. I can remember at the age of perhaps 5 or 6 playing with two girls, one of my own age and the other (her sister) a little older – perhaps 8 or 9. We often played ‘families’, with the older sister invariably playing the role of ‘mother’. On one such occasion, she decided that ‘her children’ had been very naughty and said that she would spank us. She ordered me to bend over the arm of an armchair. She then proceeded to pull down my shorts and pants, and spanked my bare bottom. I don’t remember this being unpleasant….in fact I remember it as being rather exciting! I subsequently played similar ‘games’ with the younger sister. We would retreat to the seclusion of a bedroom and take it in turns to spank each other. We would lecture each other on some imagined misdemeanour, and then put each other across our laps. Pants/knickers would be pulled down and bottoms got smacked, albeit fairly gently. It seemed so innocent at the time, but it also somehow felt very naughty! I can still picture her lying across my knee and the excitement of lifting the little red tartan skirt she often wore, peeling down her white knickers to reveal her round little bottom ripe for spanking. This probably help to implant my predilection for schoolgirl spanking scenarios in my adult life!

My first recollection of corporal punishment at school was in my primary school at the age of 7 or 8. A boy in my year had committed what the headmistress believed to be a very serious crime – he had been found in the girls’ toilets! For this heinous offence he was caned in front of the whole school at morning assembly across his hands. I remember him trying to withdraw his hand just before she delivered the second stroke. The headmistress roared at him that if he did that again, she would march him off to her study, bend him over her desk, pull down his pants and would cane his bare bottom very hard. The whole school stood there in horrified silence. None of us had witnessed anything quite like this before!

When I was 9, I was sent to a prep school as my mother felt I needed ‘firmer discipline’ and I was unlikely to pass the 11-plus exam to get into the grammar school. The prep school had a very good reputation, but it firmly believed in the use of corporal punishment. The cane and gym shoe were used frequently. I wasn’t ever caned myself, although I often wished that I could have been – boys that were caned were usually ‘looked up to’ by the rest of us, almost as heroes.

I can remember teachers often sent boys out of the classroom if they misbehaved to stand in the corridor, knowing full well that the headmaster often toured the school on the lookout for any such miscreants. If they were found outside a classroom, they would be caned on the spot. We never witnessed such canings, but could clearly hear the swish and thwack of the caning through the door. It was a frightening, but also (perversely) a thrilling experience to hear! When it was finished the miscreant would be sent back into the classroom to apologise, usually in floods of tears. We did, however, often get to see the cane marks later in the communal showers.

Showers were always overseen by one of the young female ‘matrons’ the school employed to look after the boys outside lesson times. I always found this somewhat embarrassing, but also rather exciting to parade myself naked in front of a young lady. God knows what they thought! I remember that they often used chivvy malingerers to get out of the showers with the occasional slap to their buttocks as they ran past her. Fantasies are based on such experiences!

Although canings were delivered in private, teachers often spanked boys publicly with a gym shoe in the classroom. You were told to remove your jacket and bend over to touch your toes and the gym shoe subsequently applied. The most number of ‘whacks’ I can remember being given was 3 for leaving my games kit on the floor of the changing room – one whack per item! The gym shoe stung a lot, even when applied over shorts.

As my obsession with spanking grew from these early beginnings, I grabbed whatever material I could find on the subject. I used to draw small pictures of young ladies being spanked and hid them under a loose floorboard in my bedroom….I hope that they are not still there! I tried spanking myself with an old wooden clothes brush when no one was in the house. I even resorted to looking up spanking words in the dictionary…how sad! Spanking for me is as much a verbal fetish as a physical one.

In the local library I stumbled across a book called ‘The History of the Rod’ by William Cooper. I read it from cover to cover and had it out on loan for weeks. I remember the local museum used to have a birch rod in a display case devoted to ‘life in Victorian times’. I used to visit that exhibit regularly and stare longingly at this instrument described in the book I had read. Clearly by the age of perhaps 11 or 12, I had become a ‘certified spankophile’!

In my early adult life, I had no real ‘spanking experiences’, although I constantly fantasised about being spanked by women, as well as spanking them. I have always been a ‘bottom’ man and appreciate the sight of a well-rounded female backside. I never got to fulfil any of my fantasies at that stage. Finding a girlfriend was difficult enough – not many opportunities in a single-sex boarding school in the 1960s and not many at university …all very frustrating! My only outlet at this stage was reading erotic Victorian and Edwardian spanking novels (e.g. ‘Frank & I’, ‘The Yellow Room’, ‘The Birch in the Boudoir’ etc…) and copies of ‘Janus’, all furtively bought from the ‘top shelf’ of the local newsagent. Unfortunately there was no Internet in those days…. perhaps it was just as well!

It wasn’t until I met my future wife that I was able to partially fulfil my spanking fantasies. It wasn’t long into our relationship that I admitted my ‘kink’ to her. Fortunately, it didn’t seem to put her off, even though she was and still isn’t remotely into spanking herself. However, she understands that it excites me and is therefore happy to ‘indulge’ my kink primarily as the spanker. I am extremely lucky to have such an understanding wife, especially as she has no obvious’kinks’ herself!

We experimented initially with a garden cane and clothes brush to begin with. We even tried a birch rod ‘al fresco’ when on holiday in a remote part of Scotland. However, spanking did not at this stage play a big part in our sexual relationship. We then had children and everything of that nature had to go on hold for years….more frustration! It wasn’t until our children finally went off to university that we were able to pick up where we had left off.

My wife now regularly spanks me – I feel deprived if I don’t get spanked at least once per week. She has become a very proficient spanker, but unfortunately will only permit me to occasionally give her the gentlest of hand spankings. For me, spanking is a form of sexual foreplay, helping to arouse me. The combined acts are a wonderful stress reliever! I can never understand people who say that their spanking fetish has nothing do do with sex, but each to their own!

I have a fairly high pain threshold and like a lot of ‘sting’. My favourite implement is probably the dressage whip – it stings a bit like a cane but doesn’t cause any lasting marks nor rapidly numb your bum. It also makes such a lovely swishy sound! It’s a shame that OTK hand spanking doesn’t provide the necessary sting for me, because it is such a lovely position in which to be spanked. It is more intimate than other forms of CP. It is nice to feel restrained across someone’s knee, particularly across a stocking clad thigh! However, I do have a leather spanking paddle, which can be used OTK and packs a considerable amount of sting, enabling more intimate contact when needed. I also love the sting of a martinet whip, but my wife finds using this rather difficult and often ends up hitting herself by mistake….not something she relishes!

Spanking is an addiction, albeit not a life-threatening one! I rarely go through a day without giving it some thought. It’s probably not helped by so much spanking-related material being readily available on the internet these days. There’s almost too much! I do have many other interests, but spanking ranks as one of the top ones and doesn’t fade with age.

Some naughty boys and more BORS…

I know a lot of you would like a few more naughty boys, especially vintage. So today I have added some of these…

If you go to this section, you will find that they are at the centre of a spanking mystery and a possible ‘manage a trios’….

Click here…

And you can never have enough BORS girls like these…

Click here…

Enjoy your visit, and call back soon!


The Friday Night Masturbation Club ~ Part Three

To see the rest of this story, click here…

In the next few posts, let’s get into the groove…the groove of their wet, tight, little pussies where their fingers are delving and rubbing in that quiet (for now) little used room, and Miss Black is far away in her room, working… (Also for now).

But we know there is a storm coming to their naughty, pert bottoms don’t we? But not yet…

Hands are stretching bottoms, fingers are playing with warm moist pussies..

The naughty girls, Charlotte included, as she reads from the book, listen to the wet quickening, click click click of wet pussies being rubbed.

Pussy lips are being teased and pulled as they look at other pussies having the same done to them. The noises…mmmmm yes, the groans, the moans, and concentrated stares as the pace of female wanking quickens…

Fingers in white tight school knickers, jiggle their clits, probing fingers between open legs where knickers have been removed, delve into wet excited cunts.

Tight little bottom holes get a finger inside as they bounce up and down against them…

Some of their plump little bottoms get smacks and at times all we’re doing the same. Look at them masturbating, listen to them…

Faster and faster, harder and harder….soon the sounds of orgasms began to fill the room, but the girls as usual, got so excited, they carried on for more.

Charlotte was using all the words and phrases she knew, to get their pussies twitching and trembling in glorious orgasms.

“God, look at her fingering her cunt! I bet she is faster than you lot!”

“Oh my word…she needs spanking the naughty girl, look what she’s doing!”

And on…and deliciously, moistly, on.

More soon…


Julie Delcourt ~ Spanking Artist

To see more of spanking artists click here, it will lead you to the most recent I have added, with a link to the previous sets…

First of all, have a look at these two comparisons…

If you look at the dates in the pencil drawings, 1938, and the signature Julie Delcourt, it is obvious who they are by and when.

That is the start of an unsolved mystery which has had a lot of ideas put forth. The colour pictures are usually seen under the name ‘German’.

There has been a lot of conjecture, some say she is French, yet a martinet never appears, scutiny by experts say that the doorknobs are not French and the underwear are American in the water colour and pastel ones.

There is an obvious ‘elephant in the room’ between the two periods…World War Two.

Whoever, whatever she is…I am going to say she was an artist probably from France, who in her younger years did enema drawings in pencil, and after the war, in colour, under the pseudonym ‘German’, producing better work, with more spanking, and lots more, including teenage boys masturbating at the sight of the female bottom, and enemas etc

I am of course concentrating on spanking, and the similarity I see in her girls and my girls… uncanny!

Let’s just enjoy some of them! There are lots more if you search…

As you know I am slowly paying tribute to all these Rtists by taking photos of my girls to show my version, click here….it is a work in progress and will one day include some of my versions of these.


Here are two of her naughty boys…

A lot of people say that she is the same person or was married to Richard Heggemann who produced these naughty boys…

Look at the breasts, compared to her in yellow. Similar aren’t they in style.

Now….Richard was closely associated with Helga Bode, who produced this…

Like people attract like people, look at me and my girls, all from the same town…so who knows. But I think there is something.

Whatever it was, I think they must have been happy. I love classical music and Ralph Vaughan Williams lived with two women…it happens, what is it they call it? A manage-a-trois or something? So many possibilities.

I don’t do much on naughty boys, so for those of you interested, I hope I have tittilated you. I must admit that the idea of a naughty boy being spanked before a class of girls appeals to me, and I gave already broached the subject with Claudia, my girls, and a very naughty boy. So watch this space.


Tunnel Two ~ Door Two

To see the rest of this story, click here…

Tunnel Two uses the photos of Red Charls…


The familiar pattern of waking, eating, showering and finding clothes or implements, getting dressed and going down the ladder continued. Your bottom was still tender from yesterday’s spanking. There was no implement, so it looked like you were getting spanked again.

A sleeveless t-shirt, knickers and jeans were your simple attire today.

There was no chanting, no nuns, nothing. Once dressed you passed through the trapdoor and climbed down the ladder/stairs.

Tunnel one was dark, tunnel two was dimly lit. Door two in that tunnel was ajar. Outside was the chair. You picked it up, and walked to an area of the cobbled floor that was illuminated.

“Put the chair down, the back of it facing the door, pull your jeans and knickers down, straddle it, facing the back, pull your legs up, and poke your bottom through the gap.” Said the same strong seductive gravely voice as yesterday.

You did.

Your bare bottom, butt hole and pussy we’re proud and firmly poked through.

You heard giggles and rustling, you could just make out the habits of the nuns. Each stood in a semi circle excitedly. Then to your amazement they lift their habits and start masturbating furiously.

Your spanking takes place, hard and fast.

It pauses as the implement is changed. You can hear grunts, moans and slippy wet fingering noises. The nuns are enjoying the spectacle.

It starts again with a red flogger.

…it continues until all the nuns finish. Then they form a circle, and begin to chant…”sinner, sinner, naughty sinner, let’s all finger the naughty sinner.”

As the walking nuns circled by you they stopped in turn to finger your cunt and tight butt hole until you came.

They left, the man left, as he did he said, “Now put the chair next to door three and return.

You walked back with your red welted bottom on view, the cool air of the tunnel made it feel so exposed. You stood at the bottom of the ladder and gave yourself another orgasm. Then climbed into your room, and shut the trapdoor, which was immediately bolted. Whoever it was must have seen you masturbate, which excited you so much that you did it again. With your face next to the trapdoor, moaning together with the invisible girl.

More to come…


Just a small post today…I am busy editing photos for you to consume soon! So today… An update on Robins Spanking Wood Carvings

To see lots more of Robin’s work, click here…

Most of his carvings are naughty schoolgirls etc with fabulous bottoms, but today I have added a Victorian bathing belle…

Now, think of what I have just told you…naughty school girls, with bare bottoms. Go and have a look!


Milo Manara

Milo Manara (born Maurilio Manara, September 12, 1945 in Luson, Italy) is an Italian comic book creator (writer and cartoonist). He is best known for his erotic approach to the comic medium.

Milo did some works of M/F/F/F spanking art and BDSM art. He is often admired for his great artistic skills and style.

Manara’s style favors clean lines for women reserving more complex drawings for monsters or other supernatural elements. Like his compatriots Tinto Brass and Leone Frollo, he evidently has a fixation with the female buttocks. Many of his comics have themes of bondage, domination and humiliation, voyeurism, the supernatural, and the sexual tension beneath various aspects of Italian society. The works vary in their explicitness, but the general mood is playful rather than misogynistic. Manara’s skill in creating atmosphere, his obvious talent, and his occasional excursions into more “mainstream” stories, have helped to give him an air of artistic respectability.

Well worth a search in the search engines, you will not be disappointed.

This book…

Which he illustrated for Jaques Enard is probably his best known work.

I love the idea of a spanking on public transport as you will know by now, so this appeals to me a great deal, as does the sexy subtle portrayal of female masturbation.

Almost a salute to his stature was the fact that he was asked along with three other artists to illustrate this book…

For me though, this style of his is absolutely the best. I cannot show too many it would not be right, but have a look at these and then search for more.

By the way, I love his building block method of signing his name!

Can a spanking/bottom artist get any better? I think not. Milo, I salute you!


The Friday Night Masturbation Club

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Part Eleven

Part Twelve

Asa’s note

There will be no more of this, it came to a satisfactory end.

The Friday Night Masturbation Club – Part 2

To see part one, click here…


They had been to the room so often, and felt so relaxed about masturbating with, and before each other, that no ceremony was needed. Each girl masturbated in their own time. Mostly Charlotte would read, but not always, occasionally the others took over.

So within a couple of minutes of Charlotte reading passages, showing photos and giving her own account on some, skirts began to rise and knickers soon began to fall.

“Oh God” said long legged Sapphire, feeling moist already. “I am going to have to start almost straight away, those photos…wow…how sexy are they!”

“I’ll be joining you!” Added Amber.

“Me too!” Said Fae hopping up on a desk.

“Oooh come on girls, let’s get dirty, let me see your pussies open and your fingertips making magic.

“Oh fucking hell!” said Amber, sat directly across from Charlotte. “I love it when you talk dirty!”

Fae was in a trance looking at Sapphire’s open legs as she yanked her white school knickers down.

Before long, the scent of masturbation pervaded, with the gently squelchy rhythmic noise of plunging fingers and rubbing of swollen young lips. Charlotte looked from the rubbing hand of Amber in her knickers, to the fiddling fingers of Sapphire, to the prodding and poking fingers of Fae. All looked hungry for orgasms.

The girls knew something a bit different was happening in school tonight, but did not worry, they would be gone before the event.

Down the corridor Miss Black was busy, eating her sandwich and drinking a cup of tea as she did so.

More to come soon…