Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls ~ Charlotte and Kate’s Stories.

You ought to read 

Also this

One day this will be a long lovely school setting spanking story, all put together from the above, which introduces you to the school, and in particularly, Miss Kenworthy. Coupled with the links below, all about Charlotte and Kate’s punishments. ALL THESE LINKS ARE FULLY ILLUSTRATED OF COURSE!

Meet Charlotte.

Here are various visits, (in order), of hers to Miss Kenworthy…

More of these to follow, look out for my Twitter alerts

Here are Kate’s visits…(in order)

I don’t want to spoil the story too much, but the girls end up as her maids…(spanking pet/sex slaves!) Now jumping the gun a bit! I have done some of Kate in the service of Miss Kenworthy (in order)


More to come.

So, be patient with me, you are watching a story build, bit by bit.

Also we need evidence of the girls being naughty…

Also running concurrently is an adult school girl series, which will fit in to the story, eventually Charlotte and Kate will help Miss Kenworthy in this…